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    Couples Counseling

    You feel like you had the storybook wedding, but then came the reality show of marriage. Your spouse just isn’t who they were when you were dating. Maybe with all the sports practices and games, you just haven’t had time to make it work. Maybe infidelity has creeped into your marriage.

    Recently, your spouse has gotten on your last nerve. For the millionth time, your mother said you should never have married them. You’ve told yourself for years that it will get better, but now you’re not sure it ever will.

    I can help couples, hopefully, before they reach their breaking point. As a couples therapist, I have a family systems approach. We will complete a plan of care that will look at your past successes and build a stronger, healthier relationship. Be warned, there will be homework for each of you.

    I don’t take sides, and I don’t allow aggressive language or behaviors. Couples Counseling is meant to help and heal a relationship. If you are ready to change your relationship for the better, contact me here for a FREE 15 minute consultation to start the process towards a better relationship, together or apart.