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    Court Mandated Adolescents

    Feeling like nobody understands you is typical for the tough years of middle school and high school. You might have a child that likes to push boundaries. They test you and push you the the limit. Or even worse they’ve gotten into some trouble and juvenile court is involved. You don’t know what to do or where to go. But now you have to do something or there will be serious consequences. 

    If you have to go somewhere, give me a chance. I help people to learn how to escape the prison of the mind. Rules weren’t made to be broken. They’re made to be followed. It’s just tough to see the reasons why. I can help your child escape those problems through trust, honesty and acceptance.

    Here’s how it works. Contact me and we’ll have a 15 minute conversation. If you think I can help you, then we’ll schedule an assessment. After that we’ll get started. When you’re ready let me know.