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    For Professionals


    You've completed your education. Now you must go to work, get clinical hours and find quality supervision. Let me help. I'm an approved supervisor. And I can help you through the supervision process. Follow the link below to learn more.

    Consultation Group

    Consultation groups are a way that counselors especially in private practice can stay connected. They can help us to continue to grow even after supervision is no longer required. It can even be an opportunity to share ideas and network. If you live or work in Coffee County, TN and want to be part of a local consultation group, then to learn more follow the link below.

    Technical Assistance

    Technical assistance is the process of providing support to an organization or program that has a development need. Grant implementation, program planning, funding strategies, and case consultation are just some examples of how an expert in the field can help. If you want to learn more about technical assistance and what I have to offer, then follow the link below. 


    Look, you’ve got a lot on you. Making a decision about your professional growth may not be a priority right now. I get that. Sometimes it just takes a little support. If you want to get a free 15 minute consultation on your next big thing, give me a call or click the contact button below.