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    Important Notice November 1, 2023

    Each year I assess my fees to ensure they are in line with the current market for my specialized skills. Upon this review there are a couple of economic factors that make a fee increase necessary. One factor is the problem of inflation. Over the last couple of years inflation has risen higher than it has in decades. This has created a higher cost of living. To sustain my business with this inflation, fees will increase. The other economic factor is Medicare. As of January 1, 2024, I will be able to take Medicare. Medicare rates are substantially higher than my current fees. With or without insurance, you will notice an increase in costs as insurance companies align with the Medicare rates. Therefore, in the best interest of my business, my fees will increase to align with these rates.   As of January 1, 2024, my new rates will be: 

    $150 for each 53–60-minute session 

    $100 for each 38–52-minute session 

    $75 for each session less than 38-minutes 

    $175 for an initial diagnostic session 

    $105 for Family/Couple sessions of 26-50 minutes. Any additional time required for family/couple sessions will be your responsibility, dependent upon your insurance.