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    Consultation Group

    Loneliness, isolation, and pandemics. Oh my! The last couple of years has been indescribable. So much has changed. You may have changed jobs. Or you’re new to the field. Or you went from in-person sessions to 100% telehealth. No matter what has happened in the last few years, you miss contact with colleagues.  

    This presents an ethical dilemma and a social one. Over my career I have enjoyed working with some of the best clinicians, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners. In a larger organization, it was easy to walk down the hall and consult with a colleague and get valuable feedback or confirmation that your handling of a crisis was correct. In private practice this becomes much more challenging. There may not be a colleague in the office. If you’re doing nothing but telehealth, then you may never see another clinician outside a zoom window. 

    I want to connect with clinicians. I know there are online consultation groups with folks from all over. But I want to get to know the clinicians in this community. If you are an LPC-MHSP, LMFT, LCSW or other unlicensed mental health professional in the Coffee County area, I want to meet you. 

    Here is what I am planning. I would like to meet as a professional group about once a month. If you want to connect with like-minded professionals then please contact me. Think good food, and good friends. Come join.